Judi Loren Grace
Published by Jetstream Publishing 2010
ISBN: 978-0-615-41771-4
Printed in the United States of America

The Third Floor is a true story of fear, tragedy, and triumph told in the voice of the fifteen-year-old girl who lived it. It’s the summer of 1962, a teenage girl from a rural farming community is sent away to an inner city home for unwed mothers. This is the story of her daily life there, reconstructed from letters saved by her best friend.

Inspiring and heartfelt, this story is one of an unlikely friendship and a deep and lasting bond created in spite of taboo racial boundaries of the early ’60s.

Judi is a natural-born story teller. Her words make the other stuff in your life slip away for awhile as you lean forward into the next page.
   Janet Wright M.D. F.A.C.C.
   Senior Vice-President for Science and Quality American College of Cardiology, Washington, D.C.

Judi and I grew up together in the same small central California town in the swinging sixties. One day Judi disappeared and now we know why. Thank you Judi for casting light and sharing your personal story about this dark side of the sixties. We’ve come along way because people like you spoke out about this “silent” issue I am proud to know you and praise your honesty.
   Roger W. Davenport M.D.
   Chief of Neurology, Lutheran Medical Center Brooklyn, New York

Heartbreaking and authentic, the author captures the essence of that misguided era of secrecy and hypocrisy as “good girls” were banished from home and community for the sin of unwed pregnancy. A wonderful addition to adoption literature.
   Lynne (Silona) Reyman PH.D. Psychology Chico, California

The Third Floor is a true story of what it was to be a young pregnant teen in the 1960s. Isolated, hidden away, vilified by society, Judi tells her story and thereby the story of many young women like her. It is a story of tragedy and triumph, fear and courage, sadness and joy. But most of all it is a story of overcoming societal ignorance and intolerance, of finding friendships, love, and hope in unlikely places. The Third Floor will make you laugh, cry, and maybe most importantly it will make you think.
   Roger B. Graves PH. D.  Licensed Psychologist Anchorage, Alaska
208 pages
Soft Cover





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The Third Floor